Why Special Needs Planning

How to Find Peace of Mind

We are often asked, "What's so special about special needs planning for families of individuals with disabilities?" More and more people are becoming enlightened about the benefits of regular special needs planning, but only 5% of the thousands of families we have helped had a clue as to where to begin or what to do.

What the family does know is how much they worry about the future of their disabled child. They worry about what will happen to their loved one if and when the parents are not around to care for them. And what they discover is that the special needs planning process gives them peace of mind and something they can rely upon for the future.

The mission of The Special Needs Network is to reach as many families and organizations as possible to share the important information about "10 Steps To Special Needs Planning For Families of Individuals with Disabilities©" through complimentary presentations and workshops. This information is critical knowledge for individuals, parents, organizations and businesses.


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